The Story

About Us

We are a leading YAKISUGI manufacturer of charred board technology in Northern Europe

We are direct heirs of YAKISUGI’s unique technology, who have been able to combine ancient Japanese technology with today’s high demands, maintaining the product’s longevity, naturalness and stable quality.

After several years of bringing together scientists, architects, designers and builders who have been carefully studying the experience of ancient technologies and had carried out series of tests, we have created the desired top-level results.

We are professionals of the highest standard and we are constantly continuing to develop. We improve ourselves as well, creating new charred board products and expanding the product range.

Our work has been highly appreciated by our clients and leading North European architects & designers. At the moment our representative offices are in England and Russia, and we export our products to 8 countries, incl. USA, England, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany and Denmark.