Nordic Croco

Nordic Croco

NORDIC CROCO is our version of Yakisugi’s primary product with which we are proud of KOTUMAKI. Selected high-grade wood is directed through a specially built charring chamber. After charring, the wood is treated with special resin water to make the carbon layer firm and durable. Coal has an irregular structure that is beautifully reflected in the sun and creates a visual depth. The product is treated with special oil for exterior or lacquer for interior use. As a result, a long-lasting, non-smearing effect is achieved. In addition, KOTUMAKI’s patented ozonation ” burnWOOD O3 ” technology for internal use completely neutralizes the aroma of burning. The product has B category fire protection properties. It is the most resistant to UV radiation.

Available Options


Length: 3 m, 4 m, 5 m;
Width: 15 cm;
Thickness: 2,54 cm (1 inch).